Hello I am the Diva! Welcome to my beauty blog. I have a passion for beauty and I am trained, qualified and work in the beauty industry. I also have a long-standing hidden passion for writing and secretly (now not so secretly) have always wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw from sex and the city! Having now found and married my Mr Big I am taking the plunge to start my very own beauty blog, which I have planned & thought up title’s of articles for in my head over the past couple of years now.

People are often surprised to hear I work in the beauty industry, I think they expect to see a permanently pristine looking, full face of make-up, at all times individual! (My face is actually au naturel whilst i type this, shock horror!) But that’s the thing I love about beauty, that it is for anyone and everyone and that its not just about how beauty makes you look (stay with me here) its about how beauty makes you feel.

I hope you will enjoy my blog, happy reading.

The Diva x x

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